Killer Tips To Create Perfect Resume

Everyone uploads their resume and it is important that you create a perfect resume for yourself so that you will stand alone from the crowd. Writing a perfect resume will catch the eye of the hiring person and it will create a good impression on the first glance. Let’s see the Tips to create perfect resume

Tips To Create Perfect Resume

For many people, resume, biodata and curriculum vitae are all same. However, this is not true.

All three are entirely different.

Biodata is nothing is but the collection of your details like your name, parent’s name, place of birth, height, weight, your present address, etc.

This is used only when you are applying for a police job or searching for bride/groom in matrimonial sites.

killer tips to create perfect resume
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killer tips to create a perfect resume

Types of Resume

Reverse Chronological Resume

This format is used only by those people who have work experience. It starts with the current job details and goes in the reverse order. Hence, it is called a Reverse Chronological Resume.

Functional Resume

In this format, an area of specialization comes first. Then comes the number of years worked in the previous companies followed by the skills and experience acquired in those jobs.

Hybrid Resume

This format is the combined form of reverse chronological and the functional resume.

Following are the secrets of writing a perfect resume:

Use of powerful keywords

Your resume should include some powerful keywords. Here are some examples of powerful keywords that should be included in your resume.


It is found that using these keywords will increase your rating by 70%.

Avoiding some words

It is very important that you should avoid certain words from your resume.

Following are the words that you should avoid in your resume:

Hard Work
First Time

Using these words will reduce your rating by 79%.

Must have sections

Following sections are very important in every resume:

Work History

Sections to Avoid

Personal Interest

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Tips to create perfect Resume

The important function of your resume is to get the job for you.

Once you prepare a good resume highlighting your experience and skills, it will automatically attract the hiring person and fetch you the initial call for the interview. It is important that the information given in the resume should be 100% true. You should not lie in order to attract.

You can highlight some of your important skills by underlining it. You can also use Bold letters for those important skills.

If you are a fresher, you should highlight your educational details. If you have an experienced person, you should highlight your previous work experience.

If there is any gap while switching the job, you are required to mention it in the resume. If you did mention it, the hiring manager may ask for it later for which you need to give a proper explanation. 

Nowadays, companies may send an email or call your previous employer to authenticate the information given by you.

You need to follow the format asked by the company to send the resume. For example, if they ask to send the details by mail, you should send them only by mail and not by email.

Always prepare your resume for the job you are applying to.

Never use a general format for all the jobs. You can have three to four types based on the functional areas you apply. For example, if you apply for a system or network administrator, you need to highlight your skills required for that particular job. You should not mention that you know Java or.NET.

The hiring person will only speed 15 to 20 seconds on your resume. Hence, it is important that your resume should only be 2 pages. In those 2 pages, you need to highlight all your skills and experience. Sometimes, it may have 3 pages but not more than that.

Select appropriate font type and size. It is recommended that you use “Times New Roman ” or “Verdana” with a fond size of 12.

killer tips to create perfect resume
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