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GiveWP Review 2024: Is It The Best Donation Plugin?

Are you searching for GiveWP Review?

Then you are in the right place.

I have tested and tried this plugin on our niche websites. In this post, you will learn what GiveWP is, its best features, pricing plans, and use cases, and decide whether it is the best WordPress donation plugin.

GiveWP Review 2024

GiveWP Review
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GiveWP Review

About GiveWP

GiveWP is your must-have buddy for online giving! GiveWP is a super useful tool that helps your website collect donations clearly and easily.

Whether you’re running a charity, creating cool stuff, or just caring about a cause, GiveWP makes getting and handling donations super simple.

It’s like turning your website into a giving superhero, letting you make a big difference with just a click. Spread the joy of giving with GiveWP!

Best Features of GiveWP

Let us see some of the best features of GiveWP.

Easy Donation Forms

Creating donation forms is as easy as pie. GiveWP lets you build forms quickly without any coding.

You can customize them to match your style and gather donations seamlessly.

Flexible Payment Options

It’s like having a variety of payment superheroes.

GiveWP supports different payment methods, making it convenient for your donors. Credit cards, PayPal – you name it!

Recurring Donations

Think of this as setting up a subscription for kindness. Donors can choose to give regularly – monthly, weekly, or whatever suits them.

Recurring Donations
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It ensures a steady flow of support for your cause.

Donor Management

You can keep your donor list organized. GiveWP lets you manage donor information, track donations, and even send them heartfelt thank-you messages.

It’s like a digital gratitude journal.

Customizable Emails

Personalize your thank-you notes. GiveWP allows you to send customized emails to donors.

It’s a nice touch to express your appreciation and keep them in the loop.

Reporting and Analytics

Get the lowdown on your donations. With GiveWP’s reporting tools, you can track how much you’ve collected, which campaigns are rocking it, and more.

It’s like having a digital accountant for your charitable efforts.

Goal Tracking

Imagine setting a finish line for your fundraising race. GiveWP lets you set goals for your campaigns, and donors can see the progress.

It adds a sense of achievement and motivates everyone to reach the target.

Form Grids and Styles

Make your forms look good without any technical stress.

GiveWP offers form grid layouts and styles, ensuring your donation pages are not just functional but also easy on the eyes.

Tax-Deductible Receipts

It’s like having a virtual receipt drawer.

GiveWP generates tax-deductible receipts for your donors, making their giving experience hassle-free when tax season comes around.

GiveWP Pricing Plan

Let us see the pricing plans for the GiveWP plugin.

GiveWP Pricing Plan
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GiveWP follows a freemium add-on approach for its pricing structure.

You can get the basic version of the plugin for free on WordPress.org.

Additionally, GiveWP offers more than 35 premium add-ons, each bringing a variety of new features to enhance the capabilities of the free core plugin.

These premium add-ons can be bought separately. Alternatively, there are three bundles available, each granting access to different sets of add-ons.

For most websites, opting for one of the bundles is often a smarter choice compared to buying individual add-ons separately.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you only need a specific premium feature, purchasing a single add-on might be the better way to go.

Here are the three bundles:

  • Basic – $149 annually for access to all “Basic” add-ons.
  • Plus – $349 annually for access to all “Basic” add-ons plus all “Premium” add-ons.
  • Pro – $499 annually for access to all of the “Basic” and “Premium” add-ons plus the peer-to-peer fundraising add-on.

These prices are applicable for a single website. Additionally, there’s an Agency plan available at $599, encompassing everything in the Pro package.

The Agency plan grants the flexibility to use all the add-ons on up to five websites, as opposed to the Pro license, which covers just one website.

Pros and Cons of GiveWP

Let us see the pros and cons of using the GiveWP Plugin.


  • User-friendly interface
    Versatile donation forms
    Various payment options
    Recurring donations
    Donor management
    Robust reporting and analytics
    Goal tracking
    Email customization
    Tax-deductible receipts
    Integration capabilities


  • Pricing structure with premium add-ons
    Limited free add-ons
    Dependency on the WordPress ecosystem

How much does GiveWP cost?

Yes. The GiveWP plugin is free and available on WordPress.org. However, there are premium add-ons with varying costs, and users can choose from individual add-ons or opt for bundled packages with different pricing structures.

Is GiveWP suitable for small organizations?

Yes, GiveWP is designed to cater to a variety of organizations, including small nonprofits. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it accessible to organizations of different sizes and scales.

What payment options does GiveWP support?

GiveWP supports multiple payment gateways, including major credit cards and PayPal. This flexibility allows donors to choose the payment method that suits them best, enhancing the convenience of the donation process.

Are there any transaction fees associated with GiveWP?

GiveWP itself doesn’t impose transaction fees. However, depending on the payment gateway you choose (like PayPal or Stripe), standard transaction fees from those services may apply.


That’s all about the GiveWP Review.

GiveWP stands out as the premier WordPress plugin for donations and fundraising, providing invaluable assistance to nonprofits in garnering support for their causes.

This user-friendly plugin simplifies the process for individuals without technical expertise, allowing them to effortlessly construct donation forms and receive contributions globally.

The free version of GiveWP, accessible via the WordPress dashboard, permits users to download and create unlimited donation forms.

Boasting a multitude of beneficial features, GiveWP rightfully earns its title as the foremost WordPress donation plugin.

GiveWP Review: Is It The Best Donation Plugin?
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GiveWP is a popular WordPress donation plugin. It makes it easy to accept donations online from anywhere in the world.

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