Crazy people on my Whatsapp list

Nowadays, texts or SMS has become the main mode of communication between people. If you have Android or iPhone, then you will definitely have Whatsapp on your mobile. Each person has set different status message. I would like to share the status of Crazy people on my Whatsapp list.

Crazy people on my Whatsapp list

Crazy people on my Whatsapp list
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Crazy people on my WhatsApp list

1. One on his status “Sleeping” since one month!. He’s Probably dead.

2. One never sends anything, then at night once in a week or month he says: “Good night”.

3. One is ‘sick’ since the time I added him.

4. One is “Driving” for two months!…I guess he reached China!!

5.One sends me back exactly what I sent to him. Seems that he plays squash!!

6. One still has his status as “Happy New Year!”. Guess his time stood still.

7. One’s status is “Happy” since one Month. Living in Paradise?

8. One is always ‘available’. How free Are you?????

9. One writes “only emergency calls”…Could not understand what he meant by that. Are u in the police �� or ambulance service?
10. One says, “can’t talk. Whatsapp only”. Dude, throw away your phone. You are not using the phone’s vital function.!!!

Crazy people on my whatsapp list
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