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ClickWhale Review 2024: Best WordPress Link Management Plugin

Are you searching for ClickWhale Review?

Then you are in the right place.

I have tested and tried this plugin on our niche websites. In this post, you will learn what Clickwhale is, its best features, pricing plans, and use cases, and decide whether it is the best link management plugin for WordPress.

ClickWhale Review 2024

Clickwhale Review
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Clickwhale Review

About ClickWhale

ClickWhale Plugin
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ClickWhale is a super handy tool for WordPress that makes dealing with links easy.

It lets you make short, branded links and see how well they’re doing right from your WordPress dashboard.

You can do things like track clicks, analyze link performance, and even tag links for specific campaigns.

It’s like having a control center for all your website links.

Great for bloggers, marketers, and anyone who wants a straightforward way to handle and improve their links.

Best Features of ClickWhale

Let us see some of the best features of the ClickWhale plugin.

Shorten URLs

Shorten URLs
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ClickWhale makes it super easy for creators and online marketers to shorten their URLs, making them look better.

This makes your links prettier and easier to share with others.

You can customize your links with ClickWhale by choosing different types, putting them in categories, and adding special parameters.

To use it, just add the ClickWhale plugin to your WordPress website, then go to ClickWhale > Links > Add New.

Enter your link, choose how it redirects, and check some boxes if necessary. It’s that simple!

Link Manager
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ClickWhale’s link management feature stands out for WordPress users and online marketers. It’s great for making links that are easy to read, branded, and short.

You can easily add these links, see how many times people click them, and get all the important details. This kind of information is really valuable in today’s digital age.

You can use these links on social media, websites, and emails.

ClickWhale packs in all the necessary features related to links that online marketers need for success.

For WordPress users, ClickWhale’s Link Manager makes it super simple to control and organize links with a user-friendly interface.

It’s like having an organized toolbox for all your website links.

Link Page
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The Link Pages feature in ClickWhale is truly special and not commonly found in other WordPress link management plugins.

Similar to Linktree, it allows you to group multiple links on a single page using your website domain.

You have the freedom to customize colors and connect them to your social media channels. This standout feature in ClickWhale is my personal favorite.

It can greatly assist in growing your audience, and you’ll likely see an improvement in your conversion ratio.

Tracking Codes Management

ClickWhale’s solution gives users the power to easily handle and enhance tracking codes, all within a smooth and user-friendly platform.

With its built-in Tracking Codes Management feature, you can efficiently manage tracking codes or snippets directly on your website without messing with your website’s code.

You’re free to add any code you need, and ClickWhale’s dashboard user interface for tracking is exceptionally user-friendly.

You can even exclude specific user roles. I recommend trying this feature because sometimes when we paste codes in the theme editor, it can cause issues with our website.

Link Tracking
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Understanding how your links are performing is a breeze with ClickWhale, and here’s why it’s advantageous for you:

ClickWhale’s robust statistics feature provides avenues for maximizing your profits.

By tapping into essential data, you can transform it into a valuable asset, boosting your earnings.

This Pro feature equips you with the insights necessary for making informed decisions. You can keep an eye on user activities on your web pages and websites, enabling you to tweak your strategies for improved outcomes.

With ClickWhale’s thorough statistics, you’re on your way to enhancing your online presence and fine-tuning your performance.

ClickWhale Pricing Plan

ClickWhale Pricing Plan
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You can utilize ClickWhale for your basic requirements, but for the full set of features, you’ll want the premium version.

ClickWhale Pro comes in three plans, depending on how many websites you want to use it for.

It provides two payment options: an annual renewal plan and a lifetime plan.

Here are the Pricing and plans for “YEARLY Plan”:

  • 1 Website – $49 Best for personal user
  • 3 Websites – $99 Best for Experienced Users
  • 10 Websites – $199 Best for Power Users

Here are the Pricing and plans for the “Lifetime Plan”:

  • 1 Website – $149 One Time
  • 3 Websites – $299 One Time
  • 20 Websites – $599 One Time

Note: Each plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you buy a plan and find that you don’t like their plugin, you can get a refund.

Pros and Cons of ClickWhale

Let us see the pros and cons of using the ClickWhale plugin.


  • Easy link management for WordPress
  • User-friendly interface
  • Custom link pages like Linktree
  • Simplified tracking code management
  • In-depth link analytics
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Full features require a premium plan.

What is ClickWhale, and what does it do?

ClickWhale is a WordPress plugin designed to help manage, shorten, and track links on your website. It provides features like link management, tracking, and link page creation to enhance your online presence.

Can I use ClickWhale to create link pages?

Yes. ClickWhale’s Link Page Customization allows users to craft special landing pages for their links.

What are the key features of ClickWhale?

ClickWhale offers link shortening, click tracking, link pages to showcase links, detailed statistics, tracking code management, link importing, and more.

Is there a money-back guarantee for ClickWhale?

Yes, ClickWhale offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a refund if you are not happy.


That’s all about the ClickWhale Review.

ClickWhale is a flexible and easy-to-use WordPress plugin designed for link management and analytics. Its simple features cater to both newcomers and seasoned website owners.

This tool proves valuable in improving your website’s effectiveness and assists in making well-informed decisions regarding your online content and marketing strategies.

ClickWhale Review: Best WordPress Link Management Plugin
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ClickWhale is like a super strong link manager for WordPress. It makes it really easy to create, organize, and keep track of short and branded URLs.

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