When You Should Start Your Second Blog?

Do you know how many bloggers fail? Almost 97 percent! But not all of them quit blogging. Most of them start another blog. They actually learn from their first failed attempt to start a blog and earn money. So they apply their knowledge for starting another blog. They even manage several blogs until they succeed in one or a few of them. Let us see when you should start your second blog.

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Blog Improvement Tip: Ask Your Readers!

Who does not want to improve his or her blog? I want a blog that readers appreciate, and so do you. In fact, everyone wants one!

If everyone wants this kind of success, why do so few achieve it?

Because most bloggers do not hear the voices of their readers. They make decisions by themselves, thinking that doing this or that will help improve this or that, but such decisions often do not pay off!

The best way to improve is by asking your readers!

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