Blog Improvement Tip: Ask Your Readers!

Who does not want to improve his or her blog? I want a blog that readers appreciate, and so do you. In fact, everyone wants one!

If everyone wants this kind of success, why do so few achieve it?

Because most bloggers do not hear the voices of their readers. They make decisions by themselves, thinking that doing this or that will help improve this or that, but such decisions often do not pay off!

The best way to improve is by asking your readers!

Blog Improvement Tip: Ask Your Readers!

ask your readers
ask your readers

How Do You Ask Your Visitors?

Of course, this is easy to say, but how do you execute it?  Here are four practical ways to ask your visitors:


Polls are easy, and people tend to participate a lot in them. After all, it does not take much time to click two buttons and record an opinion! If you want to use a poll for feedback from readers, make sure to write about it and place the poll in a sidebar.


If you look closely at your comments, you may find areas where you can improve. The comments will be much more helpful if you write a post specifically asking readers for suggestions.

Social Networks

If you usually connect with readers via social networks, ask there. Since social networks are more personal, you can ask directly. For example, “Do we need to write more posts about an xxx topic?”


Surveys are the best method for collecting feedback. You ask your questions, and readers answer simply by selecting different options or filling in answers. This way, you get feedback that is targeted – focused on a specific area. You can use PollDaddy to create free surveys with up to 100 responses each.

Final Words

That’s all about the blog improvement tips. Share it if you feel it was helpful.

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