Biggest Interview Cliches to Avoid

During the interview, the hiring people will be keenly watching you. There are certain words they do not want to hear from you. You should avoid those cliches. Let use see Some of the biggest interview cliches to avoid

Biggest Interview Cliches to Avoid

Biggest Interview Cliches to Avoid
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Biggest Interview Cliches to Avoid

I am a team player

Never use this in your interview. No one will show up during your interview and complain that you are not getting along with people. Instead of saying, explain how you worked as a team and become successful.


You may like your job. You may give first preference to your job rather than your family. You may let it become your life. Does it benefit the organization in any way?

Good leader

Never say you are good or born leader. You may be a leader in your college or high school. But, that doesn’t make you a true leader. Share your previous experience. How you led your team and become a success. Mention the number of projects you headed.

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Last job

Never mention anything negative about your previous job. They might think you as a person without any loyalty or very arrogant. They might not understand why you are switching your job.

Mr. Perfect

You may finish your work correctly on time. But does not mean that you are perfect. There is no perfect work. Never mention that you are perfect.

Hard worker

Never ever mention that you are a hard worker. Companies do not need a hard worker. They need only smart workers.

I’ll do anything

Never say that you will do anything. Each position requires a certain type of work to be done by the individual. A designer will not do a sales job. You need to have some respect and standard for yourself. You will be more valuable than you think.

Never ask whether you are a right person

only the hiring managers should decide whether you are fit for the job or not. Never ask that question to them.

Biggest Interview Cliches to Avoid
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